Douglas Oak was created with a focus on interior design services including space planning, furniture selection, material and surface selection. Douglas Oak specializes in sourcing unique products that have a natural intrinsic beauty, and provide an enduring aesthetic. We appreciate the impact a surface has on the project, and seek to help define the mood of the space.

Our team consists of experts in sourcing unique ceramics, stones, woods, and architectural surfaces from around the world. We are ardent about design and motivated by problem solving. The culture behind each product we carry is a pivotal part of our sourcing process. We focus on sustainable materials that are part of a respectful production process.

Innovation, + organization are the backbone of our company. We are constantly evolving, introducing new products, developing new methods of application; and studying the past while experimenting in the future. Organization is the thread that keeps us joined to our vision, weaving through everything we do, reminding us where we came from, and keeps us on track to where we’re going. 

cotto manetti Arrotato da Crudo Terracotta tiles in miami
Cotto Manetti Terracota